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Novasonic Deluxe

Novasonic Deluxe


Made to the same specifications as the Novasonic Popular Plus, the Deluxe model has several added extras:

Extension handle to make treatment of hard-to-reach areas much easier;
Leather-look carry case to protect your unit when not in use;
5-year guarantee instead of 3years, for extra peace of mind.
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Regular Electrodes


2 pairs of self-adhesive Regular Electrodes, 50mm x 50mm in size, these are the style supplied with the unit originally. For all TeNS units except the MiniTeNS
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TeNS Testimonials

" My problem has been diagnosed as a spinal collapse, due to osteoporosis... This has meant overprotective spasms in the soft tissues, involuntary muscular spasms causing violent pain.
For a week now I have had regular sessions and am pleased to say that there has been great improvement in pain control, I am now able to sit up during the afternoons and evenings and am looking forward to walking in the park next week... and managing without pain relief pills.
My osteoporosis treatment will of course continue... but without my feelings of despair, now I feel that I can look forward to the future.
Once again, thank you for TeNS which I have pleasure in endorsing and recommending."

Mrs M P, Desford, Leicester

"I have no pain at all until I start digging or getting in my ponds, being there for 3 hours getting out for dinner, my back is killing me, I put my TeNS on while I eat my dinner, as soon as I have washed up I'm back in the pond, I have no pain at all except when I get up in the morning after moving after moving about half hour it's gone, I can run not fast, that's why people asking always how did you do it and I say TeNS.

Mr R J Cullen from Halesworth

"I have suffered with spondylosis in the upper & lower spine for some years now, also arthritis in most joints, I have been using your 'TeNS Total' machine for 3 to 4 years now and find great relief from this. I would recommend this machine to anyone who suffers with these ailments or similar to invest in one.
Thank you Allied Health Ltd."

Mr A N from Barrow-in-Furness

"I wish I had known about TeNS Total years ago, I have been suffering with the after effects of thrombosis in both legs quite a few years, and I have been also suffering 6½ years with neuralgia…now I am getting pain free hours in doing my legs, face and neck for arthritis. Thank you."


"I am doubly pleased with my TeNS machine at the moment, as my husband is ill wanting to be looked after. I am waiting for a hip replacement, and both my knees are painful with osteoarthritis. I am able to help my husband by wearing my TeNS machine all the time whilst looking after him, such a great help.
Thank you."

Mrs E Fox from Basingstoke

"I am in my 83rd year and have suffered from arthritis, since in my late 20's.

While staying with my son in Wales, I have used your E8 TeNS and can now use my left hand, and no pain, I am also finding a big difference in my feet, which for the last 6 years have been very swollen, very icy cold, and very purple. I am telling all my friends about it.
Thank you,

Mrs V Edwards from Coventry

"After having suffered from fibromyalgia neck pains after a car crash, I was bought one of your machines for a Christmas present. Although, I admit to still suffering slight pains, after using the TeNS Total it seems to take the edge off the pain and it is literally like having my batteries re-charged! I would honestly recommend the TeNS Total to anyone, and would like to say that after having only been able to work part-time", feel confident, (with the help of my TeNS Total), enough to work more hours."

Miss C Lidyard

My wife has unfortunately suffered from a frozen shoulder for nearly a year. Despite cortisone injections and physiotherapy she still remained in pain. I sent for and received your TeNS Machine in August. After a couple of weeks relief began and she can now go without pain if she uses it twice a day. I also use it for a trapped nerve in my neck, it works wonders, the performance of the machine is beyond our expectations! … We belong to several clubs and have been praising the benefits of owning such a machine. Most people of our age suffer from aches and pains; it's lovely to have a decent nights sleep."

Mr R C Butler, Newark, Notts

" Please accept my very grateful thanks for TeNS Total treatment. After 2 very severe attacks of sciatica I was beginning to think I had it for life. All the dreadful drugs only relieved the pain temporarily, so it was incredible and hard to believe how the pain vanished. Being a very keen gardener I'm now able to resume fully the jobs to be done but if the twinges appear, its back to my TeNS!! I would recommend your treatment to anyone, and will do so in the future. Many, many thanks."

Mrs M P from Prestatyn

"I write to say how greatly I have been helped by tens in the treatment of sciatica, I suffer from multi-level disc degeneration which has been identified on x-ray as well as MRI as particularly severe. About nine months ago I started to develop sciatica pain radiating almost hourly and other activities, such as driving my car became unendurable,
At the suggestion of a neurosurgeon I tried TeNS and the effect has exceeded all expectations. With this relief my sleeping pattern has returned to normal even though I am not using TeNS every night."

B C, Hertfordshire

" I felt I must write and express my delight at 'discovering' your product i.e. my TeNS machine.
I suffer from osteoporosis in my hips and spine, as well as terrible pain in both my legs, and my life would be unbearable without the use of your product. Obviously I am on medication, but when I am really desperate, using my TeNS machine is pure and utter bliss. I also know that the relief given will last a good few hours and therefore it also lifts my depression. As there is nothing more soul destroying than being in constant pain.

I would therefore like to express my sincere thanks, and hope you will carry on the good work".

Mrs Carol J from Sunderland

Acupoint Testimonials

"I have only owned my Acupoint for one week and therefore consider myself an early user of your product, however I have noticed benefits already from using it.
Having suffered from arthritis and sinusitis I have set two sessions of up to ten minutes daily for these complaints, also treating myself for being overweight.

Both of the former conditions have improved and my eating habits have benefited also."

Mrs Y Simpson from Sleaford

"I would like to say how pleased I am with the Acupoint - it is certainly working & I find that each day I can do more without the severe pain that I used to get - in fact I can do lots of things with no pain, which I find amazing!
My Doctor (who I consulted before purchasing) is also impressed & took details. Thank you so much for a super product."

Mrs J M Pink from Alton

"I have suffered with chronic Arthritis of the right knee for some 4 years. Although I have been using Ibuprofen 3 times a day, at times the pain has been unbearable.
I received my Acupoint on the 27th of July and that evening after reading the section on Arthritis I cautiously gave it a single 20 second jolt at one of the points indicated to the side of the knee. I felt a tingling sensation which seemed to pass through the entire bone, but it was not an unpleasant feeling. That night I had my first uninterrupted nights sleep in over 2 months. Since then I have used the Acupoint morning and evening at all the points indicated, the pain has almost completely gone and I have only taken 2 Ibuprofen tablets in the whole time. I am probably a hopeful sceptic about miracle drugs and gadgets, but I have complete faith in the power of Acupoint….

Thank you very much for the swift way you processed my order and I will certainly recommend other people in future."

Mr F A Ellis from Cranleigh

"I am just writing to say how marvellous I find the Acupoint unit.
I have arthritis in my toe joints. I tried everything to get relief, pain killers, doctors pills, nothing helped until I bought the Acupoint unit, which eases the pain, and takes down the swelling and is also noninvasive.

My husband uses it on his hand and elbow with great success."

Mrs L Kicks

" I must write to tell you that I have had great success with Acupoint since I started using it three weeks ago.
My lower back pain which used to last for two to three days at a time has now almost completely disappeared and it no longer troubles me. I have also used the machine successfully to cure a dull ache in my left ankle.

Needless to say I am very happy with my purchase and I am sure that it will be of inestimable value in the future."

Mr M Croft from Isleworth

"I have only used the Acupoint for 5 days on a long term back problem (had it since the mid 70's) and have felt that much difference that I can now sleep at night without discomfort waking me up.
I have also used it on a painful big toe joint and the pain disappeared whilst I was treating the toe. I couldn't believe it and I haven't had the pain since.

My husband also used it for a painful toe… he has felt much relief"

Mrs S E A from Barnoldswick

"I have lived with painkillers for many years due to pain in my back and knees but since receiving my Acupoint I have not needed them. I am at last free from pain. I can't praise it enough.
The only regret I have is, had I obtained my Acupoint five years ago we would not have needed to move to a house without stairs."

Mrs M McKendry from Kirknewton

"In July of this year I was suffering from a bad case of Sciatica. I had already had several treatments with a local osteopath (at £25 per visit) with no or very little relief, when as through divine intervention your mail shot came though my letter box.
I was so impressed that you gave a 30 day money back guarantee I ordered one immediately, thinking I have got nothing to lose.

The day that it arrived I was in agony although I was taking 9 pain killers every day, so I decided to try it straight away. Well to say that I was amazed is putting it mildly, within 1 hour I had considerable relief and within 1 week the sciatica was as good as gone.

Since July 20th I have not used any pain killers and I have stopped using my walking stick. Also I have not had to spend out hundreds of pounds on the Osteopath.

Thank you for your device, as you can gather you have one very happy customer here. I read your customer letters in your mail shot, and I must admit I wondered if they were genuine. I do not wonder any more. (Sept '00)

Mr Dennett from Hoddesdon

"Acupoint has completely removed symptoms of hayfever for me. I had reached the point where N H tablets were doing nothing for me - uncontrollable sneezing came and went in haphazard fashion. I received my Acupoint on a Saturday morning in about June this year. It so happened that an uncontrollable bout of sneezing started just after breakfast time. I applied Acupoint treatment as per the excellent Instruction Manual and never sneezed again that weekend.
I have since applied Acupoint treatment purely on a need-to basis with similar relief. Although not systematically treating myself on a regular basis I can say that this is the first summer for about 40 years that I can breathe the countryside air with not the slightest itching of eyes or sneezing. It's a revelation.

I earnestly urge anyone interested to give it a go - what have you got to lose?"

Mr P E Courtney

"I have used my Acupoint with dedication twice a day since that date and have been tested at Frimley Park Hospital for area of vision and pressure on the eyes on the 6th inst.
The area of vision has improved dramatically and the pressure in both eyes has improved considerably…

.. my previous pressure was 17/18, my new pressure is 14/16. … at my previous test in April it was recommended that I give up driving, but this is no longer appropriate action"

Mr A D from Sandhurst

"Recently I bought an Acupoint machine from you to see if it would benefit my neck aches and also the pain that I get in my hands from arthritis.
I am nearly 75 and must admit that I was a bit sceptical that it would have any effect. Even my osteopath was not having much success.

Imagine to my surprise that after a couple of treatments on the neck points as well as the hand and wrist points I found that at least 75% of the neck pain reduced, along with a great improvement in the hands.

I am not saying that it has been eliminated but if the neck pain returns further treatment puts it right again. Optimism has returned, so perhaps I should say thank you."

Mr Falshaw

"I am writing this letter in order to express my heartfelt thanks for the excellent results I have achieved since using Acupoint.
I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis for the last eight years, in fact, I had to take early retirement from a nursing career due to this disease and I have tried each and every method 'known-to-man' to try to alleviate the constant pain with no real success.

I was therefore keenly interested when I received the literature concerning your product although I was slightly dubious about its effectiveness. Nevertheless, despite my doubts I decided to go ahead and give it a try as I was especially reassured by your money back guarantee.

I used it religiously, as instructed, twice daily with no appreciable difference in my condition at the end of two weeks. Although I was disappointed I decided that as I had had arthritis for a very long time maybe I ought to persevere in the hope that it would eventually have some effect.

I am so glad that I did continue because in the middle of the third week I suddenly realised that my joints were definitely less painful and they continued to improve each day.

The most exciting thing, however, is the almost unbelievable relief of the constant pain in my hip. I had only used the points corresponding to the meridian lines until one day, driven mad by the toothache pain in my hip, I placed the Acupoint machine directly on the site of pain and 'zapped' it on nearly full strength for nearly two minutes! Within seconds a hot tingly feeling had spread all over my hip joint and the pain stopped. From being in considerable discomfort I was virtually pain free in seconds, to say I was amazed is an understatement so I walked about the room to 'test' it and sure enough, no pain.

I can honestly say I have had no appreciable pain in my hip now for days and considering that the weather is damp and wet I suffer badly this is nothing short of miraculous!

Although my arthritic condition can never be cured because of the damage to the joints at least now, thanks to Acupoint, I can look forward to a quality of life that I though had been lost to me forever.

Thank you very much for your wonderful little machine.

Yours sincerely."

Mrs W J N from Bournemouth

Other Product Testimonials

" I suffer from a chronic back condition which earlier this year started to effect my legs, I found I was doddering along instead of being able to move my legs freely, and I was also having to haul myself upstairs hand over hand on the stair rail. (Aged 66 I've learned to live with my back - but have never let it stop me from leading an active life).

In the past I have tried using TeNS but it didn't seem to work for me, then my husband suggested I try the Novasonic. I used it 3 times a day for 3 weeks before I really noticed a difference, now I'm walking normally again and the stairs are not so much of a problem. The most wonderful thing though, is that so much of the pain which was just always there - sometimes worse than others - it just seems to have gone, so hopefully no more painkillers, just the Novasonic - 'twice a day to keep the pain away' - that's what I tell myself."

Mrs P from Berrys Green, Kent

"Thank you very much for your cheque £4.95 representing the overpayment of my order for the Novasonic. I am now using it regularly and am very pleased to tell you that it alleviates the pain in my knee and back, two troublesome areas where I have arthritis and sciatica.
Together with the Acupoint I also purchased from Allied Health I am now already self sufficient to cope with my major health problem.

I can recommend it to sufferers to be brave and try it out for themselves."

Mr Taitl from Leeds

"..the postman popped the Salonpas patches through the letterbox, after reading the instructions "well here go's" I stuck the camphor smelling patches one each side of the lumbar. Within 4 hrs I started to feel that cool soothing relief from pain. After 2 days and 6 patches my back was free from pain. Thanks a million Allied Health, I'm telling all my friends about them..."

Mr R E Hulse from Merseyside